Recalculating route

So since my last post I have had a rather exciting few weeks…

After returning from a lovely holiday to Cuba my friend informed me of a job at the BBC that I might be interested in. The problem was the deadline was the day I got back. This meant constructing an application on no sleep – challenge accepted. More likely to get the job if i apply for it. So I sent off the application and forgot about it and was quickly succumbed to the jet lag.

I applied to around four more jobs that week and the following Monday I found out I had been shortlisted for an Interview at the BBC! That’s the bloody BBC! Like what the hell? The people that entertained me as a child with Get Your Own Back and Chucklevision. The organisation that have delighted my evenings with The Great British Menu and the Great British Bake Off (R.I.P). The home of Strictly Come Dancing and Radio1, they want to interview ME for a job!

I spent that entire week sat at my kitchen table researching the BBC and preparing an answer for every possible question based on the competencies and the job description. If I was going to be interview by the BBC by-joe I was going to be ready for them.

So, on my merry way I went to the interview in Manchester. I was like a kid in a sweet shop- MediaCity is the bees knees, it’s amazing! I stepped off the tram and loved it immediately, so much green, so much water and so new! I turned up for my interview and the offices were so nice I went in did my thing and came out. You know when you really don’t know how an interview went? I answered all their questions, I tackled their assessment and I walked out with a smile on my face – probably because I’d just had an interview with the BBC!!

After the interview I walked around MediaCity, saw the sights and treated myself to lunch. I caught the train home and reminisced about the great day I had.

Fast forward 5 days later I got the call to offer me the job!? The BBC want me to work for them. They saw potential in me to work at the BBC. I have a job at the BBC.

Current feelings: WHAT THE HELL!

I can not comprehend that I have just bagged myself a job at the BBC. This is ridiculous. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet and I’m still feeling a mixture of disbelief and fear.

This brings us to current day where again I am sat in my living room writing this searching the internet for a place to live. At the end of this month I will be starting my new adventure and I am so excited, nervous and shocked. I still think they’ve picked the wrong person.

So here’s to new journeys…